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"It is only with the heart that one can see rightly, 

what is essential is invisible to the human eye."

                              - Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Online Counselling

I help highly sensitive and anxious adults who want to feel calm, confident, and connected but instead feel stressed out, frustrated and unable to cope with daily life in the way they want to. People come to me because they are stuck in fear, frustration, anger, grief or negativity too much of the time. Or perhaps they've moved past that into overwhelm or shut down. 

Struggles I help with include anxiety, trauma, chronic pain, grief, loss and life transitions. I also have a particular interest in brain retraining and self-healing.  

We are all unique. You and I will work together to clarify your goals and make a plan to achieve them, in a way that works for you. This may include expanding your awareness, gaining skills to interrupt habitual patterns and learning to regulate your emotional state. You can learn to align with your wise self and return to balance faster and with more ease.  

A word about working online

Since the start of the pandemic, we've learned that online and phone counselling are just as effective as in-person counselling, if not more effective in some situations. You'll just need some privacy and a way to connect. I will share more about the ways in which I work to ensure your privacy and confidentiality before we begin. 

My Approach

I take a collaborative approach. I have my training and experience and you have all of your lived experience and ultimately you know what is best for you. I like to see myself as curious and keen observer, a compassionate and attuned witness and guide. Someone outside of your situation looking in, to provide feedback on what might be just outside of your awareness in a moment. Someone who can have a bird's eye view, with an expanded perspective.


We are relational beings and it can often be helpful to understand yourself in relationship with another. Understanding your frustrations and what brings you joy in a moment of contact or disconnection.

We are all divine sparks of creation. Because of this we are each a finely tuned instruments of understanding. More than mindfulness or awareness, it's knowing that our physical and spiritual selves are our direct connection to source, which means we have a direct path to knowing. Shifting our inner landscapes and perceptions in turn shifts our emotional responses. When we shift, our relationships, families and communities benefit. It's that easy to be a force for positive change. Pretty amazing really. 

What I offer:

Deep Listening and Attunement. I have come to see deep listening as a gift. I often hear clients say that they long to be heard and understood, instead of fixed, advised, or judged. When you feel truly heard, you can begin to hear your own inner wisdom. 

A safe container. Creating a safe space is essential and individual. When we feel safe, our nervous systems can calm and we can be better witnesses to ourselves and create lasting change. Creating safety is about pacing, choice in every moment, respecting all parts of ourselves (even the scared or scary parts). I embed a trauma-informed perspective into my work. I often incorporate Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT aka tapping) as a powerful tool for calming the nervous system as well.  

Support for learning skills to self-regulate. Learn to better understand what is happening to your nervous system when you are under stress. You can learn skills to self regulate so that you can feel empowered to ride the waves of emotion that emerge from within. You can befriend your body, your senses, your emotions, your entire being. 

Facilitation of self-healing abilities. When you feel safe and regulated, when you can listen to yourself, you can tune into healing energies that flow from nature, yourself and source.  

Pampas Grass

"The collective unconscious contains the whole spiritual heritage 

of mankind's evolution, born anew,

in the brain structure of every individual.

                                          - C.G. Jung